Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: The Social Workplace

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Towards the end of last year, IBM hosted a webcast called "The Social Workplace" with the following participants (clockwise starting from top-left):

  • Jennifer Okimoto - Leader of Smarter Work Center of Competency, IBM Global Services
  • Josip Petrusa - GenY / Millenial Blogger
  • Sameer Patel - Partner at Sovos Group.
  • Jennifer Beal - Sr Research Scientist, Center of Creative Leadership

I first met Jennifer Okimoto through our internal social media tool. In one of my trips to San Francisco, I had a chance to meet Jennifer in person. She's a super smart person and works first hand with customers helping them drive that culture shift towards Enterprise 2.0. Therefore, this is one of those webcasts that I really wish I had attended, but just didn't get a chance to attend because of all the Connections 3.0 release madness. However, the entire webcast is available for replay here so I just got a chance to go through it.

Here's a 15-minute highlight of the webcast:

Here's the full 1-hour long webcast:

Some take aways:

  • Customers expect to connect to real person -- employees expect the same thing
  • It's not a matter of if companies will become social, it's a matter of when
  • Employees are using tools not approved by IT, often times outside of firewall, because existing tools are not good enough

I strongly encourage you to add this to your to-do of things to listen, if you haven't yet.

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