Monday, January 10, 2011

Things To Do On Your Next Visit To Puerto Rico

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In the past couple of weeks, 5 colleagues have reached out to me asking what is there to do in Puerto Rico since they are going to be coming for some vacation soon. Given the interest, I figured I would blog my response for the benefits of other that are thinking of coming.

There's plenty to do here. It depends if you are a beach person, shopping person, etc. These are my favorite things to do in the island and that I encourage my friends to do while they are here:

  • Day trip to El Yunque - the caribbean's only rainforest: Good for hiking, going into the waterfalls, and spectacular views
  • Day trip to Arecibo Observatory / Camuy Caverns - The Arecibo Observatory was featured in movies like Contact and 007's Live Another Day. It's the largest radiotelescope of the world and it's operated by Cornell. ( It's main mission is to look for extraterrestial life and comets that may impact Earth one day. The caverns are the 3rd largest underground cavern system in the world.
  • Horseback riding: Hacienda Carabalí
  • You have to check out one of the bioluminiscent bays:
  • For shopping, check out Old San Juan and Plaza Las Américas (and of course, PioMu)
  • Visiting Old San Juan and El Morro is a must!
  • Since I'm a pilot, I can take you on a plane ride around the island :D and let you fly the airplane (only 4 people fit at a time though)

Restaurants to check out:

  • La Bombonera - good for lunch.. Spanish food, service is horrible but the food is great & awesome prices. Been there for almost 100 years
  • Dragonfly - Great atmosphere for dinner. Definitely check it out on a Thurs-Sun
  • Aguaviva - Another great one in Old San Juan
  • Casa Dante - in Isla Verde... ask for the Mofongo.
  • Eat some ( The kiosks may look sketchy, but they are popular among locals :) (and the food is good)
  • Another must-visit for local food is Guavate. Check out this article.

In terms of Beaches:

  • Definitely check out Ocean Park, tons of young people and good atmosphere.
  • If you like more deserted beaches, you may want to consider a day trip to Culebra and go to Flamingo Beach. It's #2 of Travel Channel's Top beaches.


  • Depends on your budget and lifestyle. Good metro area hotels are: Condado Plaza (can walk everywhere), Caribe Hilton ( hard to walk to places ), Marriott Condado, and El San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde. If you like hotels that are secluded from everything, El Conquistador in Fajardo is a good choice.

There's some more good info here:


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