Friday, January 21, 2011

Download Now: Another iPhone App for Lotus Connections !

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I'm loving this! Do you remember back in September when I talked about the first iPhone application being available for Lotus Connections? The myDeveloperWorks iPhone app has been doing very well and has achieved close to 150 downloads/week (~3000 downloads total).

A couple of weeks after that, the awesome team at MyDeveloperWorks published an article explaining step-by-step how to create an iPhone application for Lotus Connections.   As I ended that blog post I said: "I cant wait to see what kind of applications developers are now going to create". The wait is now over!

A new iPhone application is now available in the app store and you can download today. So how is this iPhone app different from the one that myDeveloperWorks created? The biggest difference is that mLinked allows you to connect to multiple instances of Lotus Connections like the one on myDeveloperWorks, BleedYellow, and Greenhouse. For those of you going to Lotusphere 2011 (#ls11), unfortunately the app won't work with LSOnline because the APIs are blocked.

Here are the features available in version 1.0 of this app:

  • Support multiple instances of Lotus Connections
  • View status updates
  • Search Profiles
  • Call & email directly from Profiles
  • Accept & send invitations
  • Read, browse & recommend blog entries
  • Supports Lotus Connections 2.5 and 3.0

The paid version, allows you to add more Lotus Connections instances, including the one for your company. The paid version is $1.99.

Here's a couple of screenshots.

I've been playing with the app for the last 2 weeks and it's great. I highly recommend it!

You can learn more about the application by visiting the mLinked webpage. If you have feature requests or would like to have access to the forum, click here.

To download the application from iTunes, click here.


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