Thursday, May 9, 2013

LinguaSys Demonstrates Translation Plug-In for IBM Connections

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LinguaSys has just posted a new video that shows real-time translation of content within the latest release of IBM Connections. As companies continue to roll out social collaboration platforms to collaborate worldwide with customers and employees, there's been a trend to foster collaboration in the end user's native language.

Internally, at IBM, every time I log on in the morning I see a lot of updates in Chinese and Japanese and I wish I could read them. With this new plug-in, I now can!

The plug-in even translates the contents of emails in your Exchange or Domino server via IBM Connections Mail .

To showcase the functionality, LinguaSys has created the following 2 minute demo. Check it out:

To learn more, visit LinguaSys' page on translation.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SNAPPS Announces SnappLinks for IBM Connections

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Today, I'm glad to share the news that SNAPPS, a long time IBM partner and whose founder is an IBM Champion, has announced new extensions for the IBM Connections rich text editor.

The rich text editor is part of several IBM products including Connections. The editor in Connections can be extended with additional buttons and features and SNAPPS has taken advantage of this.

With SnappLinks™, you can use your editor -- in your applications with XPages or with the IBM products -- to create and share the public social experience across intranets, on the web with suppliers, and in teams. SnappLinks™ is integrated directly into the editor and lets you connect to these social, public networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia. In other words, Get Social Do Business in a way that's natural and easy for your users.

In addition to the helpful social linking features, SnappLinks delivers a rendering engine to IBM Connections to let users view YouTube videos, Google Maps, and Facebook feeds right on the page!

Check out this 3 minute demo to see how it works!

To learn more, go here. Note: SNAPPS is running a promotion where they are offering this at 25% off and 35% off for those attending IamLUG this week. Take advantage of that!