Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From IBM Connect 2016: XPages App Built on Bluemix Using Watson and IBM Connections Cloud

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Last week at IBM Connect 2016, Chris Crummey demoed a sample app built on the XPages runtime running on Bluemix.

The app combines IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Bluemix. The idea is that the app allows you to upload images and then uses IBM Watson (the Visual Recognition Service) to help with automatic classification of the files. Based on the image that has been uploaded, Watson will then suggest some tags to use with the file.

Here's a recap of that demo:

Here's a photo from Daniel Brix on Twitter that showed it on the big screen:

If you missed IBM Connect 2016, well, you missed a great show!  I'll share some more content from the conference in upcoming posts so stay tuned to those. For now, I quickly wanted to get this out and then work on my IBM InterConnect 2016 sessions.