Thursday, January 21, 2016

XPages Runtime Beta Now Available on Bluemix

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As it's typical by this time of the year with IBM Connect just around the corner we start to hear about advancements in many of our product areas.

As you may have seen in the IBM Bluemix blog,  the XPages runtime moves from experimental and enters the BETA release phase on Bluemix.  For the last 6 months we've had the XPages runtime available on IBM Bluemix as an experimental service. Now we are taking this to the next phase as we continue to prepare for a general release later this year. 

Go and check out the beta XPages runtime and come to IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando, next week. That will be a great opportunity to learn more about the service.  If you go to the IBM Connect Session Preview Tool, you'll find plenty of sessions to meet the experts on XPages. Specifically, the following sessions will give you a strong introduction to Bluemix and the IBM XPages for Bluemix runtime:

Want more ?? Brian shared more XPages on Bluemix videos in his blog announcement.

Hope to see you next week at IBM Connect 2016 next year! As per Brian's blog, please share your feedback over at dW Answers and please tag your entries with xpages-runtime.
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