Thursday, October 15, 2015

Time to Register for IBM Connect 2016

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It's time to start getting ready for IBM Connect 2016. All abstracts have been submitted and we are now finalizing the selection of the sessions. If you register by October 27th, you can enjoy some discounts as laid out here.

Not sure what IBM Connect is all about ? This is our yearly conference where we share our latest product updates and directions, a great opportunity to network and meet fellow users and partners/developers and learn from other success stories. Here's a bit more about the conference.

I'm specially looking forward to all the customer success stories. Based on the abstracts submissions that I've seen, I hope that we can select as many customers as possible. I often find myself learning tremendously from the stories that customers share about their deployments and what they are doing to drive a culture shift.

Adding to that, it's the abstracts that I'm seeing on application development perspective. Development is big part of my background and there's lots of good content there that I want to participate in as well.

Haven't started building your new digital collaboration platform ? Don't be left behind!

So stay tuned for details of the sessions that will be accepted. For now, go and register!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Check Out This Demo of the New IBM Connections Editor

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The new IBM Connections Editor is a companion application the to the IBM Connections Mobile application for iOS and Android devices.  The IBM Connections Editor is a full-featured mobile editor, which will allow you to take files directly from IBM Connections Files and easily view or edit those files on your mobile device.  You can edit any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet and Word document from your Connections Files with the new editor.  You can also create new presentations, spreadsheets or documents in the editor and save them directly into IBM Connections Files. 

Full Featured Editor:

The IBM Connections Editor provides full-featured capabilities on the mobile device.  You can edit or create a PowerPoint presentation.  The editor allows you to add or remove slides, add images or video, add charts or shapes and provides a large option on fonts and colors.   You can present the slides directly from your mobile device as well as view animations and add notes to each slide.

You have the same robust capabilities when editing or creating a document as you do with presentations.  In addition to all those features you can also add or edit headers, footers, endnotes and footnotes.

When using the editor to edit or create a spreadsheet you have over 300 formulas for Arithmetic, finance, Date/Time, Statistical, Database, Look ups and much more.  You can also add charts and shapes directly into the spreadsheet.

Seamless and Secure

The seamless integration between the two mobile applications makes it easy to use and secure.  You can open any supported files in IBM Connections Files and select to edit that file, once you have selected Edit the document will automatically open in the IBM Connections Editor.  Once you have completed your updated in the editor simple select to save the document back into IBM Connections.  The file will save back to the exact place that you opened it from giving the option to add new tags and version description, this instance on the file will be saved as a new version.  The applications share a common storage therefore the documents always maintain their security settings.  The file remains secure during the entire round trip editing experience.  The IBM Connections Editor also provides MDM support for those vendors supported by the IBM Connections Mobile application.

The IBM Connections Editor is available today for download at no additional cost at the Apple App Store or Google Play

Check out the demo:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Social Connections 9 - The IBM Connections User Group Puts Together An Awesome Agenda

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In just a few weeks, the 9th Social Connections will kick off and it has one of the best agendas ever. If I counted correctly, there's 70 sessions over two days so I'm sure what whatever content you are looking for, it'll be there. With a focus on IBM Connections and Social Business, this is a first-class event for the user community. If you are working with, using, or what to learn more about IBM Connections, you need to make every effort to attend!

At the end of the first day, attendees will head out to Sensapolis and from what I can tell, it's going to be a fun night !

As it tends to happen with this user group conference, the timing seems to line up with our next IBM Connections release. As announced at IBM ConnectED earlier this year, we are getting close to releasing our next major on prem release of IBM Connections.  This year, RenĂ© Schimmer will be attending the conference and will share all the details about What's Coming in IBM Connections Next.

Ready to sign up ? Register here ! Oh and don't forget to follow the Social Connections team on Twitter and like their page on Facebook to keep up with all the news about the event.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time To Get Ready for IBM Insight 2015

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October is here so that means that IBM Insight 2015 is just around the corner (oh and lots of candy in Halloween)!

At the end of the month, I'll be heading over to Las Vegas for the annual IBM Insight conference. As usual, we'll be participating in various sessions.  At this year's conference, Jason Silva, host of National Geographic's Brain Games (you are watching that show on Netflix, right?), will lead a conversation about the potential to extend collaboration with technologies like cognitive computing, increasing our potential as individuals and changing the way we work together. Rob Koplowitz from IBM will continue to the conversation to discuss how IBM is applying the power of Watson and other technologies to make teams and people more productive, and better connected to the insights, content and files they need to succeed at work.

The team has put together this handy guide so you can easily see sessions where the social business team will be participating. I'll be covering the latest in our mobile portfolio, application development and IBM Connections.

If you haven't yet, make sure you register and see you there!