Friday, November 7, 2008

How to upgrade to Lotus Connections 2.0.1

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Well, I'm finally done. I'm sad to say that it took ~12 hours to upgrade from Lotus Connections to 2.0.1. It seems that there are some problems with the Update Installer. Apparently, shipping a product on Halloween (like trying an underwater escape) is not a good idea. Or maybe one of our competitors hacked into our servers and broke it for us??

Anyway, here's the steps that I had to take to upgrade my Lotus Connections server to 2.0.1:

  1. Download the Lotus Connections 2.0.1 Fix Pack from Fix Central (select Lotus, Lotus Connections,, <your platform>) 200811061420.jpg
  2. Download the 2.0.1 Update Installer from Fix Central (select Lotus, Lotus Connections,, <your platform>)200811061422.jpg
  3. Download the Lotus Connections 2.0.1 Database Wizards from Passport Advantage
  4. Stop the Lotus Connections server
  5. Upgrade the DB silently (you can use the wizard, but then you will have to upgrade the Blogs DB manually)
  6. Upgrade the product from to 2.0.1 silently (the wizard didn't work for me). I used the following command:
    updateLC.bat -installDir c:\ibm\WebSphere\LotusConnections -fixpack -install -fixpackDir c:\ibm\WebSphere\LotusConnections\update\fixpacks -fixpackID LC201_Fixpack -wasUserid lcadmin -wasPassword passw0rd
  7. Perform step 10 as listed here. (It's listed as an Optional step, but it's really a Required step)
  8. Start the Lotus Connections server
  9. Run the following wsadmin command
    1. Start the wsadmin interface
    2. Type the following command: execfile("")
    3. Type the following command: BlogsMigrationService.populateLoginNames()
    4. Type exit to quit the wsadmin interface
  10. Stop the Lotus Connections server
  11. Download the latest fixes from the page where you downloaded the 2.0.1 Fixpack (see step 1 above)
  12. Install the iFixes silently. I used this command:
    updateLC.bat -fix -installDir "C:\ibm\websphere\lotusconnections" -fixdir "c:\ibm\websphere\lotusconnections\update\fixes" -install -fixes LO34540 LO34604 LO34631 LO34638 LO34665 LO34676 -wasUserId lcadmin -wasPassword passw0rd
  13. Re-do your changes to the <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>/config/cells/<cellname>/LotusConnections-Config/*.xml files
  14. Delete your Dogear index
  15. Start your Lotus Connections server!

And there you have it. I'm giving this to the documentation folks so they can fix the InfoCenter.

Note: Updated on Nov 11, 2008 to fix the order of the steps.
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