Friday, January 16, 2009

Sharepoint iWidget for Lotus Connections

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Recently, I started working with the CorasWorks team to develop an iWidget for Lotus Connections that would display data from a Microsoft Sharepoint server. If the name CorasWorks sounds familiar, is because I blogged about them a couple months back. They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Business Partner and have created a solution to bring some of the Lotus Connections components into Sharepoint.

What we wanted to do was develop an iWidget for Lotus Connections so that we could surface SharePoint data within Lotus Connections. More specifically, we wanted to show all the sites that a user has access to. Since CorasWorks provides a very nice API on top of Sharepoint this was very easily done.

I think it's also worth noting how this mashup was created:

  • The iWidget is running on my domain:
  • Lotus Connections is running on
  • Sharepoint is running on

Therefore, we are using 3 separate platforms and integrating these seamlessly! I think it really shows the power and flexibility of iWidgets and Lotus Connections. Here's a screenshot of how it looks:



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