Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More BlackBerry Plugins for Lotus Connections

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Just before Lotusphere, someone commented on one of my previous blog entries that talked about some of the capabilities of Lotus Connections in the BlackBerry. Unfortunately, with all the excitement around the new features in Lotus Connections v2.5 and getting that blog post ready, I just didn't have time to read that comment until late last week.

After the Birds of a Feather session that I helped deliver last Monday, a business partner stopped me and showed me some of the stuff that they had developed. Basically, it was an enhanced version of the BlackBery Client for Lotus Connections.

The application is available today for FREE. I'm actually pretty excited to see how more and more business partners keep building solutions for Lotus Connections (especially when they are free!!). It has already been tested and known to work with some of the extranet Connections sites such as BleedYellow, Greenhouse, BlueExtend, and One of the cool things about this application is that you can actually configure multiple Lotus Connections environments and are not tied to just 1 environment.

Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

Are you ready to start blogging from your BlackBerry ?

For those of you IBMers reading this, I couldn't get this working internally, but if you do, let me know!


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