Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Update from MacWorld

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web.jpgMacWorld ended today. What a sad day! On the positive side, Lotusphere is just around the corner! I am currently stuck at San Francisco's airport where I tried to do standby for an earlier flight with no luck. Now, I have to wait 4 hrs before my plane leaves towards Miami, I have a 3 hr layover in Miami and make it home around 2:30pm tomorrow. But it was a great week overall!

Today, I covered the South Hall Expo. This was by far the best Hall! Based on the sizes of the booths and the vendors that were there, this was the main expo hall. I saw a LOT of cool apps for the iPhone and I'm so tempted to buy one! I also got to talk to the Intuit folks to see what's up with Quicken for Mac. Turns out that a new version is scheduled for this summer and they gave me a CD with the Beta (it's called Financial Life). It looks GREAT! Apple, of course, had tons of floor space there and I caught a very nice demo of iMovie '09! I can't wait for it to ship later this month.

The other Mac application that really caught my attention was Garage Sale. This tool lets you create eBay listings that are very pretty, easily!! And the iPhone that I thought was the best was Smule. If you want to see more pictures that I took at MacWorld, check out my MobileMe page.

This week wasn't all about MacWorld though. I also got a chance to meetup with a fellow Twitter follower and IBM colleague, @saradelekta. I visited a nearby customer to talk about Lotus Connections and social software adoption recommended practices.

Moreover, I participated in two IBM internal meetings. The first was on how to team effectively when positioning social software and the second was on best practices for Lotus Connections.

And just like before, I found out that working from the west coast is exhausting. I was up most days by 5:30am to handle calls with my east coast colleagues. I think next time I'm going to be more strict with myself and do not take calls before 8:00am!

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