Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Announcing IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 - It keeps getting sweeter!

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Today, I'm happing to announce the latest release of the IBM Connections Suite, IBM's social collaboration platform. The IBM Connections Suite provides a single offering that organizations can deploy to build a powerful intranet, become more agile and create competitive business value.

The latest update released today adds many more collaboration features to provide a top notch experience for users. For example, teammates can work together and align on business objectives in real time using instant messaging and web meetings deeply integrated as part of communities.

A rich content library allows members to securely manage their content and use approval routing to track the progress towards the validation of the document.

From ideation, to microblogging, to real-time team collaboration, to document management, the IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 is the most secure and complete collaboration platform out there. Remember: content is only valuable when the right people can find it at the right time.

Here's just a preview of what's new:

Here's a demo so you can see it in action from our new Product Manager, Albert Nichols:

For more information, the announcement letter is here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Announcing the IBM FIle Viewer for IBM Connections

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Looking desperately for that important file? Don't want to download files unnecessarily just to see if it has the content that you need?

Today, that problem is gone. We have just made available a high-fidelity file viewer for all IBM Connections customers. As you may know, this was already available to Connections customers in the cloud and IBM Docs customers on premises. Today, all IBM Connections customers have access to a high-fidelity filer viewer.

The viewer allows you to see the entire contents of the file, present in full screen mode, and print without having to download to your desktop saving you time and space! The viewer will render PDFs, OpenOffice formats (odt, odp, and ods) and Microsoft Office formats (doc[x], xls[x] and ppt[x]).

Note: in the screenshot above you would only see the "Edit" button if you have purchased IBM Docs.

To get the viewer, you can get it from our app catalog, here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Key Social Business Benefit: Remove Barriers to Collaboration

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By now, you are probably aware that we have updated our social collaboration cloud services and that the latest monthly release of the IBM Connections mobile apps have been posted to the app stores (click here for iOS and here for Android).

The big feature this time around for IBM Connections is File Sync which started rolling out to users Monday and should be available to all cloud users by Friday of this week.

As someone who works from home and travels a lot, I depend on my tablet. Wherever I go, I have instant access to the content that I need, irrespective of whether or not I have an internet connection. And when I'm connected, it gets even better as I have instant access to experts, I can start a video chat with them or a multi-way video meeting and just get business done! I still remember just 6-7 years ago when I travelled how important it was to have access to a telephone jack so I could try to plugin and get business done over a 56K connection. How much have times changed!

Two weeks ago, I demo'ed at the event IBM held where we covered how Social + Mobile + Cloud has transformed how we work today. There, I showed how File Sync works for me and a preview of the upcoming Sametime 9 mobile apps.

In case you missed it, I've included the demo below:

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