Monday, February 27, 2012

Demo: Monitoring Lotus Quickr Domino

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A while ago I got together with Steve Bystran from GSX who was here in Puerto Rico for vacation. Luckily, he was staying at a hotel that was very close to me and he offered to take an hour away from his vacation to meet with me. I had heard of GSX's monitoring solution for Quickr Domino at Lotusphere #ls12 but I hadn't seen it in person.

So we got together and I got to see a quick demo of how GSX Monitor integrates with Lotus Quickr Domino to monitor various metrics.

Today, you can use GSX Monitor to:

  • Monitor Quickr server and service availability
  • Track and monitor the availability of key places
  • Monitor authentication, places and catalog availability
  • Monitor the performance of individual places and send an alert if a particular place does not respond in a specific amount of time
  • Use Quickr statistics for reporting

If you haven't seen GSX Monitor with Quickr in action, here's the demo:


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Quickr Domino 8.5.1 FP Released - You'll Want This

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As promised at Lotusphere 2012 #ls12, we have now posted a new Quickr Domino fix pack for 8.5.1. You can find this fix pack in Fix Central or go directly here.

At Lotusphere, we announced that the fix pack would be ready in the first quarter of 2012, and I'm glad that we were able to get this out the door today. The IBM Lotus Quickr Fix Pack for Domino release delivers several features highly requested by Quickr users:
  • Addition of the Folder Navigator for libraries with deep folder hierarchies and the Index
  • Improved preview for Microsoft Office file attachments and imported pages
  • Support for importing HTML
  • Display of an attachment's last modified date on Attachments tab
  • Simplified place creation process that eliminates the requirement of reauthentication
  • The ability for editors and authors to create folders in a place.
  • Support for Internet Site documents

To read what's new in this release in detail, check out What's Enhanced in Quickr Domino 8.5.1 FP 25. This fix pack includes all fix packs up to FP 13.

Now all hands on deck to finalize the next release for later this year.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogsy for iPad Now Supports IBM Connections

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Blogsy, one of the top rated blogging apps for iPad, has added support for IBM Connections, IBM's social software platform for business. For the last couple of weeks, I've been working with the Blogsy team in order to get support for IBM Connections added into Blogsy. It all started back in November when Blogsy reached out to me to understand our API. I got them an account to Greenhouse and they were off to the races.

They got a pretty final prototype working just before Lotusphere #ls12 and I showed it at my session on Monday. The feedback from that session was amazing and people were very excited to get their hands on Blogsy.

Blogsy has revolutionized blogging on the iPad and already interfaces with other popular blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, Posterous among others.

Blogsy also makes it very easy to add multi media capabilities to blogs by interfacing directly with services such as YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr.

Blogsy also includes a rich text editor which makes formatting very easy. For those advanced users, Blogsy also provides an HTML editor.

The latest release of Blogsy which has just been posted to the iTunes App Store also adds some other features such as:

  1. IBM Connections support - Now bloggers that use IBM Connections can use Blogsy.
  2. Email - Now you can create and send richly formatted emails. Now, if your blogging platform is not supported by Blogsy and provides the ability to email-to-post then you can use Blogsy to create blog posts. Or if you want to send richly formatted email to friends and family. Also other services have features provided through email. For example you can email to Mail Chimp and it will send it to all your subscribers.
  3. YouTube double tap to open in browser. - Not sure if the YouTube video is the one you want to use? Just double tap on it and it will open in Blogsy's built-in browser where you can watch it or find out more information about it.
  4. Blogger page support - Now you can create and edit Blogger pages.
  5. YouTube private/unlisted videos. - Now Blogsy will show YouTube videos you have set to unlisted or private so you can now drag and drop them into your posts.

Check out a demo below of the latest features:

If you are looking for an amazing blogging experience from your iPad, you won't regret purchasing Blogsy for $4.99. To download (or upgrade) Blogsy, click here.

Article first published as Blogsy for iPad Now Supports IBM Connections on Technorati.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polycom and IBM Help Build a Social Business

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Here's a cool demo created by Polycom showing how their solution integrates with IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, and other office productivity suites that I stumbled upon today.

Some of this was shown at Lotusphere 2012 #ls12 during the Opening General Session.

Check it out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming a Social Business? Don't Forget About Social Business Etiquette

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Earlier this week IBM released a new short whitepaper on the behaviors required in a social business. While a lot of companies focus on how employees engage with others outside of the firewall, I haven't seen a lot of discussion of behavior guidelines in social media behind the firewall.

As more and more companies begin their social business transformation, most are testing the waters internally behind the firewall. One of the recommendations that often comes up as part of this transformation is to set up Social Computing Guidelines. However, those guidelines don't focus on the actual behavior and communication patterns employees use daily as they collaborate amongst each other.

Various colleagues came together to put this together. These are probably IBMers that you have already interacted with such as Rawn Shah, John Rooney, Jennifer Okimoto, Jeanne Murray, and Jacques Pavlenyi.

I don't want to give anything away so instead I'll cover the areas of etiquette highlighted in the paper:

  • Etiquette in building relationships
  • Etiquette in interactions
  • Etiquette in responding to others
  • Etiquette in including and acknowledging others
  • Etiquette of mass communications over social networks
  • Risk and governance

How do you know if this paper is for you? From the paper:

This IBM executive brief is for enterprise leaders who seek to understand the critical role that social business etiquette plays in workforce transformation and in adoption of social business programs. It explores professional interactions among colleagues over online social networks inside the firewall, with particular emphasis on colleagues who do not have an established professional relationship.

The paper is about 10 pages long and is very easy to read. If you are leading the social transformation at your organization this is a great asset to have.

To learn more, and download and read the PDF go here:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Want to Drive Adoption of IBM Connections? Check This Out!

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From the Information Development team:

IBM Connections 3.0.1 has a new getting started experience to interactively guide users through steps for setting up and using IBM Connections. Each step lets you Learn more, Watch video or Do it. Want to see how other people are using IBM Connections to do social business? The new getting started walks you through the same steps others have taken to network with colleagues, join a community, start an activity, and share files.

Two ways to use Getting Started with IBM Connections:

  1. Try out Getting Started with IBM Connections that uses IBM Connections hosted in Lotus Greenhouse. You'll need your Lotus Greenhouse credentials to log in.
  2. Already purchased IBM Connections? Administrators can download the IBM Getting Started sample for IBM Connections and customize it for their environment.

Here's how it looks:


Thursday, February 2, 2012

WebDAV for IBM Connections & Lotus Quickr

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One of the things that was very exciting about Lotusphere 2012 #ls12 is how the ecosystem for both IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr is growing. One of the business partners that introduced a solution is Lialis. They introduced a WebDAV add-on for IBM Connections.

So what is WebDAV? Let's not get into the technical details. Let's focus instead on what it enables. As per Lialis:

  • Downloading synchronizing content from/to IBM Connections Files
  • Deliver shared drives connected to IBM Connections to the users PC (OS independent)
  • Allow easy archiving of content stored in IBM Connections by coping the files from the file share
  • Readers apps supported: Goodreader, Readdledocs, Bitknex, WebDrive, readers for Android (*)
  • Download files from IBM Connections, upload files to IBM Connections via WebDAV
  • Delete files in IBM Connections via WebDAV
  • Create communities or profiles inside the IBM Connections via Webdav
  • Parallel user sessions supported

To me the most exciting feature is the ability to use IBM Connections as a mounted drive directly on your computer. For example, if have a Mac like me you could use this solution to mount all of your IBM Connections Files directly in Finder. Set up your Finder as described here in 3 steps and you are done! Very cool, right?

They have put together a quick video demonstrating the solution

To learn more, go here. And if you use Quickr, they also have a solution for you here:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Enterprise Social Media Trends: What's Your Take? #SXsocbiz5

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I'm currently working on my presentation for SXSW 2012. I can't believe that I'm going to go to my first SXSW in just 5 weeks. I'm so excited.

As we get ready for our presentation, I was curious and wanted to see what most people are seeing in terms of trends. How are you seeing social media being used by enterprises and what are some of your most favorite examples ? Let us know in the comments section below!

And by the way, if you are going to SXSW 2012, I hope to see you there. Here's the details:

Enterprise Social Media: 5 Emerging Trends
When: Sat March 10th @ 5pm
Where: Longhorn Ballrom @ Omni Downtown

We'll be monitoring the hashtag so sends us your comments/questions. We would love to hear from you! The hashtag for our session is #SXsocbiz5

Hope to see you there and hear from you!