Thursday, February 2, 2012

WebDAV for IBM Connections & Lotus Quickr

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One of the things that was very exciting about Lotusphere 2012 #ls12 is how the ecosystem for both IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr is growing. One of the business partners that introduced a solution is Lialis. They introduced a WebDAV add-on for IBM Connections.

So what is WebDAV? Let's not get into the technical details. Let's focus instead on what it enables. As per Lialis:

  • Downloading synchronizing content from/to IBM Connections Files
  • Deliver shared drives connected to IBM Connections to the users PC (OS independent)
  • Allow easy archiving of content stored in IBM Connections by coping the files from the file share
  • Readers apps supported: Goodreader, Readdledocs, Bitknex, WebDrive, readers for Android (*)
  • Download files from IBM Connections, upload files to IBM Connections via WebDAV
  • Delete files in IBM Connections via WebDAV
  • Create communities or profiles inside the IBM Connections via Webdav
  • Parallel user sessions supported

To me the most exciting feature is the ability to use IBM Connections as a mounted drive directly on your computer. For example, if have a Mac like me you could use this solution to mount all of your IBM Connections Files directly in Finder. Set up your Finder as described here in 3 steps and you are done! Very cool, right?

They have put together a quick video demonstrating the solution

To learn more, go here. And if you use Quickr, they also have a solution for you here:

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