Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogsy for iPad Now Supports IBM Connections

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Blogsy, one of the top rated blogging apps for iPad, has added support for IBM Connections, IBM's social software platform for business. For the last couple of weeks, I've been working with the Blogsy team in order to get support for IBM Connections added into Blogsy. It all started back in November when Blogsy reached out to me to understand our API. I got them an account to Greenhouse and they were off to the races.

They got a pretty final prototype working just before Lotusphere #ls12 and I showed it at my session on Monday. The feedback from that session was amazing and people were very excited to get their hands on Blogsy.

Blogsy has revolutionized blogging on the iPad and already interfaces with other popular blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, Posterous among others.

Blogsy also makes it very easy to add multi media capabilities to blogs by interfacing directly with services such as YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr.

Blogsy also includes a rich text editor which makes formatting very easy. For those advanced users, Blogsy also provides an HTML editor.

The latest release of Blogsy which has just been posted to the iTunes App Store also adds some other features such as:

  1. IBM Connections support - Now bloggers that use IBM Connections can use Blogsy.
  2. Email - Now you can create and send richly formatted emails. Now, if your blogging platform is not supported by Blogsy and provides the ability to email-to-post then you can use Blogsy to create blog posts. Or if you want to send richly formatted email to friends and family. Also other services have features provided through email. For example you can email to Mail Chimp and it will send it to all your subscribers.
  3. YouTube double tap to open in browser. - Not sure if the YouTube video is the one you want to use? Just double tap on it and it will open in Blogsy's built-in browser where you can watch it or find out more information about it.
  4. Blogger page support - Now you can create and edit Blogger pages.
  5. YouTube private/unlisted videos. - Now Blogsy will show YouTube videos you have set to unlisted or private so you can now drag and drop them into your posts.

Check out a demo below of the latest features:

If you are looking for an amazing blogging experience from your iPad, you won't regret purchasing Blogsy for $4.99. To download (or upgrade) Blogsy, click here.

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