Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Watch out: We are updating IBM SmartCloud Connections. Say hello to File Sync!

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We have started the process to upgrade our cloud deployment of IBM Connections, IBM's Enterprise Social Network.

As announced here last week, we are updating our social business offerings and this quarter's release will be the biggest release ever! Interested to learn more? The first step is to register for our webinar in 2 weeks (see link below).

While there's tons of new features and capabilities that we are deploying over the next few days, I wanted to briefly call out our new file synchronization capabilities. As you may recall, Forrester cited IBM Connections as a Leader in File Sync and Share. For some time now, you've been able to download files, store them offline, edit them, and then manually re-upload them back to the server. It was time to automate this whole process. With File Sync, you can now travel stress free knowing that all your files are automatically sync'ed to your mobile device and that you always have the latest and greatest version of that very important presentation.

I've also gone ahead and updated my overview presentation with the latest content and you can see that here:

To walk you through all the great new features and watch demos of our new capabilities (spoiler alert: I'll be doing one of the demos), please make sure that you attend the following webinar. It will be on September 18th and that's where we'll go into more details about this amazing new release.

From the event registration page:

Workers are more dissatisfied and less engaged than ever before. But did you know that using social technology can increase efficiency by up to 25%? (source: McKinsey) . Additionally, 69% of employers believe employees are engaged, while only 34% of employees claim to be. (source: Kenexa blog) Since people now determine your success or failure, it's time to use social to rethink how work works.

To register, go here:

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