Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Announcing IBM Connections 4.5 IFR1: Community Polls/Surveys for all!

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Today, I'm happy to announce the availability of IBM Connections 4.5 IFR1 . This new release adds Surveys and Polls for communities at no additional cost to our IBM Connections customers. This capability has been available for a while but it was only as an added cost add-on. In this release, this capability is now out of the box.

With community polls and surveys, you can:

  • Create and conduct surveys and polls among the members of an IBM Connections community
  • Use the built-in survey designer to create the questions and rules with no coding skills -- just drag-n-drop!
  • View the results of surveys and polls as chart or a table or export to a spreadsheet
  • Share polls/surveys with other community managers
  • Community members can participate in surveys/polls directly from the Connections mobile app

This opens the door to many use cases such as refining product offerings using insight gained from customers or perhaps validating new offerings with information from business partners. Here's how it looks:

As you can see from the screenshot above, you will have two new widgets available to you: "Featured Survey" which allows you feature a poll/survey right in the Overview page and "Surveys" where members can see all active surveys.

Editing and creating the survey occurs directly within the Connections interface. Community managers don't have to learn anything new or any HTML coding skills. It's all visual and with drag-n-drop they can create the polls and surveys they need.

Those of you who know me, know that I've been trying to make this available out of the box for some time, and today, we've made it happen! So don't wait. Go on and download and start taking advantage of this new entitlement!

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