Friday, January 9, 2009

Update from MacWorld

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So now that people have digested this week's Apple KeyNote and Microsoft has tried to steal the thunder by announcing tomorrow's release of Windows 7 Beta, I wanted to give you an update to what I've been up to at MacWorld Expo.

First, let's start with the IBM booth. Just like Ed Brill had commented, the comments have varied a lot, and were mostly what we expected. Here are some of the comments that I've heard from customers that have stopped by:

  • Why is IBM here ?
  • I still don't see why IBM is here?
  • What kind of software does IBM make that's worthy of the Mac ? ( the sarcasm of this comment cracked me up.. )
  • Didn't Lotus go bankrupt 10 years ago ?
  • I can't believe Big Blue is here!!

Interestingly, some people have stopped more than once and have even brought their colleagues, friends, family to see what we've done with Lotus Notes v8. One of them was heavily impressed when I showed the Facebook Google Gadget inside of Notes!

I also got a chance to meet the Rational and Informix IBMers that were there and helped them get up and running with Notes 8.5 by recommending some must-have plug-ins!

Now on to the floor. I don't consider myself a Mac fanboy. I've been using a Mac for less than a year and must admit that so far I'm pretty impressed by what it can do. What I've really apprecciated is getting to know all the products and software that are available for the Mac and the iPhone.

Here are some of my favorites after visiting 50% of the Expo Hall:

Third, it was really cool being able to take a 3D Lenticular Imaging Photoshop Class with Russell Brown (Adobe's Creative Director). If only I could afford Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.

Fourth, I got to meet Michael Rowe in person, one of the co-hosts of the Dogear Nation podcast. He showed me some great apps and games for the iPhone. My favorite ? A flight simulator running in the iPhone!!! Last time I ran a flight simulator, my computer crashed cause I didn't have enough power to run the software!!! Yet, he can run a flight simulator in the iPhone?? Wow!!

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