Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to disable SSL in Lotus Connections

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I've gotten this question several times so I figured it was time to blog about it. While I don't recommend this for a production environment, some customers have asked for instructions on how to disable SSL for Lotus Connections. This can be more convenient than using a self-signed certificate which may cause some annoying pop-ups.

Here's the simple procedure:

  1. Disable SSL in the config file
    1. Go to <WAS_ROOT>/profiles/AppSrv01/config/cells/<cellName>/LotusConnections-Config
    2. Save a copy of LotusConnections-Config.xml
    3. Open LotusConnections-Config.xml with your favorite text editor
    4. Set all the SSL_ENABLED flags to false
    5. Save and close the file
  2. Modify the login page to go over port 80 (HTTP) instead of 443 (HTTPS)
    1. Go to <WAS_ROOT>/profiles/AppSrv01/config/cells/<cellName>/applications/<featureEAR>/deployments/<featureName>/<featureWAR>/WEB-INF
    2. Save a copy of web.xml
    3. Open web.xml with your favorite text editor
    4. Look for the following section:


    5. Change the transport-guarantee from CONFIDENTIAL to NONE
    6. Save and close the file

That's it! Now, if you are wondering what <featureEAR>, <featureName>, and <featureWAR> mean, take a look at the table below.

Note: You are at your own risk here

FeatureEAR Feature Name FeatureWAR
Activities.ear Activities oawebui.war
Blogs.ear Blogs Blogs.war
Communities.ear Communities tango.web.ui.war
Dogear.ear Dogear dogear.webui.war
Homepage.ear Homepage dboard.war
Profiles.ear Profiles peoplepages.war


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