Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cool Lotus Connections integration capabilities on Notes 8.5 Public Beta 2

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The release of Notes 8.5 is around the corner and I like how the client it's taking shape. About 3 months ago, I blogged about the new capability of taking Lotus Connections Activities offline. And, if you are a Linux/Mac user you can also get this functionality by doing this hack that I blogged about.

searchbox.jpgTed Stanton, our new Americas Sales Advocate for Lotus Connections, blogged last week week about some nice features added to Notes 8.5 public beta 2 to further integrate the mail client with Lotus Connections. These are:

  • Get someone's person card when viewing an Activity's membership list
  • Tracking your Activities/To-Do's in your Notes Calendar (This is HUGE!! Almost all customers are asking for this)
  • Search Profiles from Notes
  • Search Activities from Notes
  • Search Blogs from Notes
  • Search Communities from Notes
  • Search Dogear from Notes
  • Dogear (tag/bookmark) Notes documents/views/databases
Looking for the eye candy ? Check out Ted's blog entry or download Notes 8.5 Public Beta 2 today! And because I know you'll ask, no, these don't work in the Mac beta yet. But just like I hacked beta 1, I intend to hack beta 2 so stay tuned to this blog!
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