Monday, September 15, 2008

Case study: Social Commerce

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A while ago, I mentioned we had a customer in the Retail industry that was using Lotus Connections. At that point I couldn't mention their name, because it was an internal reference only.

Last week, however, Stuart McIntyre brought to my attention through The Connections Blog that the reference has been posted in the public IBM website. Moosejaw Mountaneering wanted to become more competitive in the market for outdoor gear. To do this, they decided to create a customer experience where the "appetite for extreme sports is matched by a hunger for communication and collaboration".

In one of the first cases of using Lotus Connections for social commerce (that I know) Moosejaw is combining Lotus Connections, WebSphere Commerce and IBM POS systems to create a brand new "community shopping experience across every sales channel". Here's an excerpt from the success story:

For instance, by integrating IBM Lotus Connections social networking software with its retail solution, Moosejaw is adding social commerce features like product level blogging, public facing customer profiles with photos, videos, adventure stories and gear lists for upcoming trips. Customers can interact with Moosejaw staff and with other customers on the Moosejaw Web site and then connect those threads on their mobile phones and when they come into the Moosejaw retail stores. Perhaps more valuably, it provides Moosejaw with a ready-made platform for integrating these social networking capabilities deeply into its commerce platform.

To read the success story, click here. Want to see this social commerce solution in action ? Visit the Moosejaw Mountaneering website.

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