Monday, September 22, 2008

Lotus Connections PoC in a box

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It seems like business partners are all the buzz in the last few days, huh ? First, we have a Microsoft Business Partner publish a Lotus Connections solution for Microsoft Sharepoint. Next, we have an IBM Business Partner create a solution to socialize CRM applications.

The latest and greatest ? Ascendant Technology now has a Lotus Connections Proof of Concept (PoC) appliance!!! This gives you the pre-installed Lotus Connections software on a enterprise-class IBM Blade Center server configured for up to 300 users. Here's a snippet of what you'll get:

Solution Experience vs. Proof of Technology/Proof of Concept

This solution allows a subset of your organization to experience a complete solution without being constrained by the cost and time of implementing the software in your environment. Rather than installing a complete enterprise on your site, we bring the enterprise to you.

Managed Engagement

The Ascendant Services team provides 3 days on-site for installation and workshops, then provides remote support/coaching for 5 hours per week during the engagement.

I have to say, I like Ascendant's tag line for their Social Software practice: "Innovating through integration". Similar to my "innovating through socializing", there's just no other social software platform that integrates as well as Lotus Connections!

Want more information? It's all in the Lotus Connections Solution Catalog, but here's a direct link. Also, if you are interested, Ascendant provides a Social Software Business Value Assessment, which is similar to that provided by ISSL.

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