Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Linux/Mac users: Hack Lotus Notes 8 to Add the Activities Sidebar

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Linux and Mac users, if you've been missing your Activities side shelf, I've discovered a hack! Follow my instructionis below to hack Lotus Notes 8 and add the Activities sidebar even if you are a Mac or Linux user!!!!!

How? Well, I simply looked at the Eclipse internals and figured out what plugins are needed and copied the plugins from my Windows Lotus Notes 8 Public Beta 1 client into my Mac. How do you get this? Well, first, let's work through some logistics...:

Disclaimer: This is NOT supported by development and is provided AS-IS .

License Agreement: Before you use this, you agree to the following:

  • Post a comment to this blog entry if you install this and it's successful
  • Will not send me an email/ST with 'support' issues
  • Will not hold me responsible if your Notes client breaks
  • Will test the plug-in and post a comment to this blog entry with stuff that works (see below)

Here's what I've tested successfully with Lotus Notes v8.5 Public Beta on my Mac Leopard 10.5.4.

  • Browse activities
  • Drag-n-drop of emails into an Activity
  • Different view options (To Do's, Sections, Recent, etc)
  • Create an activity
  • Create items for an activity
  • Hover over item --> Item preview

As you can see, I haven't tested the offline capabilities.

Here's how it looks:


Ready to get started ? Here's how to install:

  1. Make sure you are using at least Lotus Notes 8.5 Public Beta 1
  2. Go to File -> Application -> Install
  3. Select Search for new features to install and click Next >
  4. Click on Add Remote Location...
  5. Set the Name to Activities Sidebar
  6. Set the URL to
  7. Click Ok and then Finish
  8. Follow the remaining steps and restart Notes for the changes to go into effect
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