Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to install Lotus Connections FixPack 1

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Yesterday, it was widely announced the availability of Lotus Connections v2 Fix Pack 1 on FixCentral. Unfortunately, the Fix Pack was released before the instructions (oops! ) .

In any case, here's how to install the fixpack. First, since this is a fix pack and not a fix (don't ask me!), you can't use the wizard that comes with the Lotus Connections Update Installer. Instead, you must install the fix pack via the following command:

updateLC -fixpack -installDir E:\IBM\WebSphere\LotusConnections -fixpackDir E:\IBM\WebSphere\LotusConnections\update\fixpacks -install -fixpackID LC2001_Fixpack -wasUserID wasmgr -wasPassword pa55w0rd

Make sure you plugin the right path locations and values for userid and password. Enjoy the new fix pack!

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