Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Giving the tools to millenials and letting them innovate

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Today, I spent the whole day at Bank of New York, one of our public references for Lotus Connections. They have partnered with CMU and have interns during the summer whose sole responsibility is to bring Web2.0 capabilities into their existing products. By leveraging Lotus Connections and other Lotus products, they are building new mashups to help Bank of NY employees collaborate more effectively. Of course, I can't go onto too much detail as to what they are doing.

My job was to teach these millenials the basics of Eclipse plugin and REST API development. After introducing the REST concepts, I talked about the Lotus Connections APIs and the different approaches to use them. Basically, since REST is pretty much XML over HTTP, you can pretty use our APIs from anywhere.

So the first example was to create an Eclipse plug-in that fetches data from Lotus Connections using the Abdera Atom Client. The cool thing about an Eclipse plug-in is that, well, you can plug it in into any Eclipse-based application such as Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Expeditor, Rational Application Developer, etc, etc.

I also talked about WebSphere Portlet Factory and how they could use that to develop portlets. And not only JSR-168 portlets that run on a portal, but also portlets that can be run on Lotus Notes 8! They were really excited to see how they could develop rich client capabilities by writing 0 lines of Java code!!

Now their goal is to innovate and present back to the business side at the end of the summer what they've come up with. I'm extremely proud of this customer because instead of forcing interns to do A,B,C, they are letting their minds run wild and create new mashups that perhaps the business side wouldn' have thought of. I'm very anxious to see what they come up with by the end of the summer!

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