Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm the Top Blogger within IBM... for a day!

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One of the cool things of Lotus Connections Blogs is that you can recommend a blog entry by simply clicking one button. By simply clicking on the + sign you mark the blog entry as one of your favorites and the recommendations count increases by one. By recommending a blog entry this way, you can easily go back to your favorite blog entries by going to 'My Recommendations'.

Here's how it would look if a blog entry had 3 recommendations and you haven't recommended it yet. If you hover over the star you get to see who has recommended it so far, easily giving you visibility to other people with your similar interests!

Then, based on the number of recommendations and the number of comments of a particular entry it can become a 'Featured Blog Entry' and is listed right on the Blogs landing page. But as time goes by, a particular blog entry's recommendations may grow to infinity . So that users don't 'hijack' a position in the 'Featured Blog Entries', Lotus Connections Blogs limits this list to the most popular blog entries in the last x days (where x is configured by the Blogs Administrator). Very cool, huh ?

So what is this all leading up to ? Well, inside IBM we have also taken the recommendations and created a list of the Top 100 bloggers within IBM. This list is based solely on the number of recommendations in the last 90 days. This list, therefore, changes on a daily basis.

Yesterday, for the first time, I was listed as the Top Blogger within IBM, finally surpassing a co-worker who was always listed in one of the top 3 positions. Seeing that report felt really good. It actually serves as a motivation for me to keep blogging (I now have to keep finding more content to blog about so I can keep that honor!!). And that's why Lotus Connections Blogs is so powerful when it comes to adoption. Right on the landing page, you get to see:

  • Featured Blog Entries
  • Most Recommended
  • Most Commented
  • Most Visited

And since these lists are so dynamic, users have all the motivation they need to keep blogging away!

Oh... and I wished I would've written this blog entry yesterday. Today, I checked my standing and I'm number 6, that's why I had to add the "for a day" tag line on the title.. Oh, and I wouldn't have been #1 if that co-worker who was constantly in the top 3 positions hadn't left IBM . At least it's good to know that I'm considered one of the Top 10 Bloggers within IBM.

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