Monday, July 14, 2008

Does the lack of browser support drive you crazy?

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The other day I discovered PlanetLotus via Twitter. By the way, if you are a Lotus employee, evangelist, tech sale, seller, user, fan, etc, you HAVE to bookmark PlanetLotus. The creator of this site is Yancy Lent who has his own external blog.

As I read Yancy's blog, I found an entry called: "A screenshot of your web page from 64 browsers and 4 OS's" and in it I learned about!

The way it works is that you simply enter a URL and the site gives you the screenshots of how it would look like from 64 browsers and 4 different OS's. I entered my external blog's URL and discovered that my blog doesn't quite work well in MSIE v5.5 (but what works in that browser, anyway?). Also, Epiphany on Ubuntu is really bad combination for my blog.


Isn't social software cool ??

Anyway, I really think that all major software companies, Lotus included, should look into this technology so right off the bat we can support 64 browsers on 4 OS's. Currently, when a product ships, it usually supports 2-4 browsers (unless it's a MS product, then only 1 browser is supported), based on what the testers had time to test with. Using this technology, we can quickly and efficiently see how products behave on the different browser and OS combinations that are out there! Food for thought....

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