Friday, July 11, 2008

Why I love Quickr Entry...

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Ok, this would have to be part 6 (I think) of my "Why I love..." series. Today, I finally get Quickr Entry! (See, sometimes you have to use social software to really understand its value. So let me tell you a brief story.

Several weeks ago, I was asked by a co-worker to present to the TechSales / Lotus Connections community on the Microsoft disaster at Enterprise 2.0. As a good worker bee, I posted my presentation yesterday to one of the IBM internal deployments of Quickr Entry so that I could get feedback from the community leaders. I did this so my pal Luis Suarez would be proud of me for not using anti-social tools like email.

Anyway, today I get an email from Suzanne Minassian, Product Manager for Lotus Connections. In it, she provided some great feedback.

So you see, by being able to use Quickr Entry to socially share my file with two people, I got unwanted feedback. And not in a bad way. In a very good, positive way!! I mean, it didn't even occur to me to run the presentation by Suzanne, even though she was the original zen master who beat Microsoft at the conference!!! It should've occurred to me, but it didn't!!!

Now that's something that wouldn't have happened if I would have used email instead of Quickr Entry to share the file!

Also, see Suzanne's post on the Aftermath of Enterprise 2.0

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