Monday, June 9, 2008

IBM wins round 1 against Microsoft!

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I've been dilligently following the developments of today's presentation where both IBM and Microsoft are presenting their social computing platforms. IBM, of course, is pushing Lotus Connections. Microsoft, is trying very hard to push Sharepoint, their document-centric solution. (they still don't get that social software applications should be person-centric...oh well!)

Since I'm not at the Enterprise 2.0 conference itself, I've been watching what the Twitterverse is saying about it. Clearly, IBM has won this round!! I'm so excited to hear non-IBMers get excited about Lotus Connections and see how Sharepoint really doesn't hit the mark. Here are some recent comments:

trib: #e20 MS failing dismally at showing off Sharepoint collab tools. IBM totally ate their lunch.

kpearlson: watcihng MS demonstrate SharePoint in an 'out of the box' manner...seems very slow and not as intuitive as Lotus Connections

gialyons: hearing Lotus Connections (Suzanne and Heidi) is winning the E2.0 debate with LLiu and Sharepoint. No surprise here.

eughenes: MS presenting SharePoint's as social computing platform, nice try but not serious at all. It is NOT a SC platform.

jhariani: MS getting pummelled on their SharePoint for SNS demo:

kreid451: listening to SharePoint demo at E2.0. It's really not in the same ballpark with Lotus Connections, the last demo

robberthomburg: #e20 IBM connections 2.0 seems more complete than SP2007! maybee less flexible?

Up to this point, I have NOT seen anything positive feedback about Microsoft. I'll keep watching the Twitterverse, but it definitely looks like IBM and Lotus Connections have won this round! Congratulations to Suzanne Minassian and Heidi Votaw!

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