Monday, June 2, 2008

Socializing with my customer

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Today I had the pleasure to "socialize" with one of my customers. And no, we weren't wasting our time. In fact, we were collaborating and discussing the migration from Beta 2 to Beta 3 of Lotus Connections V2. He then asked how we were coping with the loss of a recent employee. I said that it wasn't that bad since with Lotus Connections we have captured all her knowledge up to the point when she left! He said: "You know what? That's so true. That's a great selling point for Connections!" Indeed it is! smile The funny thing is that we used 3 different tools to communicate in a span of 1 hour:

  1. It all started with GTalk
  2. Then we used Lotus Sametime
  3. Finally used Twitter

As we finished discussing the upgrade process, he told me "I'm in Westford this week". I said, "I know I saw it on Twitter". Then he said "I saw your voted in the primaries", and I'm like "Yeah, it was interesting" and he finished by saying "I know, I saw it on Twitter". A light bulb lighted on our heads. We both realized it at the same time. With Twitter, we can quickly let everyone what we are up to, so that when we collaborate, it's truly about business. It's as if Twitter removes a barrier to communication! Pretty cool!
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