Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why did IBM create Lotus Connections ?

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Have you ever wondered why IBM/Lotus created Lotus Connections? What's the actual business value to us as IBMers? And for our customers ?

Suzanne Minassian
, product manager for Lotus Connections, gets interviewed by a fellow IBMer,
Douglas Spencer
, to figure out why Lotus Connections was created. Suzanne discusses the roots of Lotus Connections, the research behind it, and how it was adopted internally at IBM

One of the key important points that I always talk with my customers is: integration. Integration is critical for user adoption!! Think about it! If you have a BlackBerry, do you use TwitterBerry or Facebook on it? Doesn't it make it easier to adopt those tools when it's pervasive in everything that you do? I think so!

Thus, I also like this video because Suzanne, also discusses the free integration capabilities that ship with Lotus Connections. The video finishes with some things that IBM is looking at beyond 2.0. Enjoy!

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