Friday, July 18, 2008

Microsoft should buy Google

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You all know how Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo for its search capabilities. Last night, I was looking at the traffic sources for my blog. The reporting engine tells me that 28% of my traffic for the given time period comes from search engines. As I expand the report to view more details, here's what I see.

Of that 28% of traffic, 99.26% comes from Google and only 0.50% comes from Yahoo. At first I thought, "Oh no, Google is indexing my content, but not Yahoo". So I went on to Yahoo, did a couple of searches (with the same keywords as those being used in Google) and my blog always came up as one of the top 10 results. "Phew!! Yahoo is indexing my blog.. "

While I was doing this analysis, I was also watching CNBC as they discussed all the earnings that were announced yesterday. The conversation got a bit off topic and they started talking about the Microsoft attempt to buy Yahoo, which got me thinking.. Given that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo for its search capabilities, why spend so much money when it seems like only 0.50% of the population uses Yahoo? Shouldn't Microsoft go after Google? . Or perhaps this is another reflection on how socialites are more tech savvy?

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