Monday, January 25, 2016

The IBM Connections Cloud January 2016 is Now Available

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Just in time for IBM Connect 2016, there are now more capabilities that have been added to IBM Connections Cloud.

Here's a snapshot of what's new this month:

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention
Stay up to date with things that require your attention and response. The new notification center in the navigation bar increases your awareness less disruptively. See alerts with a single click - no matter where you are in the service. Allows you stay on track or swiftly shift gears depending on what is required at the moment. Note: This is slowly rolling out to all customers. If you don't see it, you'll have it by end of the month.

Leverage 3rd party apps to maximize value of Communities

Community owners can add third-party apps to Communities. A new extension point opens up the possibilities for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create apps for Communities. Developers can now write custom responsive apps that can be surfaced within Communities. Community owners don't have to do anything different from what they do today. As soon as a new third party app has been approved by the administrator, it'll be available for all community owners of that organization. AppFusions has already taken advantage of this integration and has created a Community app for OneDrive. Check out the demo below: 

Organize your files how you want to

Now you can create nested folders to organize your content in a familiar hierarchy. You can create sub-folders within folders to give your content a structure that makes it easier for you and other users to manage content. For both My Files and Community Files , you can build a hierarchy of folders with tree-navigation on the side of the Connections Files page.

Nested folders are also supported in the Connections Mobile app and in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows and the IBM Connections Plugin for Microsoft Outlook when syncing your offline files with Connections Files in the cloud.

Drag and drop support added on Microsoft Windows

Also new in January is the ability to drag and drop files from the Windows desktop directly to an IBM Connections folder in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows .

Improved user experience working with files

The sidebar is now resizable and labels have replaced the icons on the tabs making it easier to navigate and view information and comments.

To see what else is new, check out this page. Hope to see you next week at IBM Connect 2016!
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