Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where To Find Me at Lotusphere 2011

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In 4 days, I'll be getting on a plane to fly down to Lotusphere 2011 (#ls11). In fact, in 97 hours I'll be "wheels up" to the conference of the year. As you may probably know by now, there's a huge focus on Social Business. In fact, in parallel to Lotusphere, there'll be a Social Business Industry Symposium, sponsored by Wired Magazine.

This year, I'll be working with Mitch Cohen and will be live blogging various sessions from Lotusphere 2011. Together we'll be providing commentary, photos, and other live coverage from the Lotusphere Opening General Session (OGS) as well as other sessions. Additionally, I'll be presenting (or at least on stage) at 4 different sessions. A lot of people have also asked me where I'm going to be and how to find me at Lotusphere.

Therefore, I've created a page dedicated to all things Lotusphere 2011 which you can find here. Please visit that page so that you get a feel of how and where to find me / follow me while at Lotusphere 2011. I've also created a link to my calendar which you can use to see my availability.

And check back on next Monday early to find the URL to the first live blogging session. Again the page is: Lotuphere 2011 on

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