Friday, January 7, 2011

How To Get the LinkedIn Widget working in Connections 3.0

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On Wednesday I was working on a demo environment and wanted to install the LinkedIn widget in this new Connections 3.0 instance. You may remember that I introduced the LinkedIn widget for Lotus Connections in April of last year.

Once you download the widget from the catalog, you can install it on your 3.0 server. The widget includes step-by-step instructions and they mostly work except for the last step where you configure the translations for the widget.

In 3.0, the process to add custom strings for widgets changed a bit, thus the instructions attached to the widget are no longer applicable. Therefore, ignore steps (2f) and (2g) in those instructions. Instead, you can follow these instructions to make sure the translations are properly loaded. (Note: Even if your users are all using the same language, you must follow these steps).

  1. Copy to C:\IBM\LotusConnections\Data\shared\customization\strings
  2. Extract the contents of the file
  3. You'll see a folder structure created.
  4. Go to: C:\IBM\LotusConnections\Data\shared\customization\strings\com\ibm\lconn\linkedin\resources
  5. Copy all the files from this directory to C:\IBM\LotusConnections\Data\shared\customization\strings
  6. Append the following string to the beginning of each file name:
  7. Check out LotusConnections-Config.xml
  8. In the <resources> section add this line: <widgetBundle prefix="LinkedInFramework" name="" />
  9. Save the file and check it in
  10. Restart all the nodes and application servers

UPDATE (13/Jan/2011): You have to do one more change. Open <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>\installedApps\cellName\lc_linkedInApp.ear\LinkedInFramework.war\returnLocation.jsp with your favorite text editor. In there you will see an include to Profile's Dojo v1.2.3. That needs to be changed to Dojo v1.4 since that's what Connections v3.0 uses. Therefore, the include link should now look like:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/profiles/dojo_1.4/dojo/dojo.js"></script>

I've alerted the right person so that the instructions are updated on the widget.


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