Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Future of Marketing: Hype or Business Driver in 2011?

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This is my last post until next week when I'll be live blogging from Lotusphere 2011 (#ls11). I did wanted to bring this to your attention. On Tuesday we made available a new video on our site where the co-founder of ThoughtLead, Sam Rosen, sits down with the Suzanne Livingston, Sr. Product Manager for Connections, to talk about how to make externally-facing customer communities work.

Sam restricts Suzanne to only 2 minute answers, so the video moves pretty quickly.

She answers many important questions, including:

  • Are customer communities simply hype, or will they actually help my company develop our competitive advantage?
  • Do I need a dedicated "social media team" for the community, or should the work be shared throughout my organization?
  • How to (soft) sell to your customers through your online community--without turning off your audience?
  • How to ensure your customer community continues to thrive and serves your business goals over time?
  • How to turn negative product feedback into opportunities for business growth and customer loyalty?
  • How to dramatically increase the number of new product ideas your organization can generate?
  • Case studies of companies successfully using customer communities to lower costs and drive profits
  • How to convince the C-suite to start a community?

So if you are responsible for the social media strategy of your organization, go on and check out this great video interview. I'm sure you are going to get some great info to use as you build your social media strategy.

To access the video, click here.

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