Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lotus Connections 3.0 Performance Tuning Guide Now Available

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The Lotus Connections 3.0 Performance Tuning Guide is now available from the Lotus Connections Wiki. This document provides recommendations for performance tuning of IBM® Lotus® Connections 3.30 based on the experience of the IBM Collaboration Solutions Performance team. However, the optimal tuning and the resulting system capacity can be affected by many factors, including the characteristics of the load on the system and the hardware used, including servers, disk subsystems, network topology, and more. Therefore the recommendations in this document should not be considered the optimal values for every situation, but rather a recommended starting point for tuning a Connections deployment.

If you are a business partner, or someone responsible for deploying Lotus Connections, you need to read this:

To download the full version, click here.

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