Monday, September 20, 2010

Download Now: Lotus Connections iPhone App

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Update 23/Jul/2014: The latest iOS app for IBM Connections is available in the App Store here.


Last Wednesday IBM released its first native iPhone app for the Lotus Connections instance of myDeveloperWorks. And there's tons of things you can do in it. I haven't been able to figure out how to effectively capture a movie/demo from my iPhone, so here's what you can do today with this iPhone app:
  • View the public and your personal activity stream
  • View your activity stream which includes:
    • New blog entries
    • New blog comments
    • New Downloads
    • Profile updates
    • Forum posts
    • Wiki updates
    • Shared files
    • Group/Community activity
    • Board updates
  • The activity stream can be filtered by module (e.g. only show updates from Wikis).
  • Navigate someone's profile view their status updates and interest/skills
  • Search for people, content
  • Search using name, keyword, tags
  • Edit your Profile
  • View saved items
  • View your status
  • View your network
I would say that this is a pretty nice v1 release. It's been out in the wild for 5 days and I'm hearing some very positive feedback!

To download the free application (which is supported on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad), click here and to stay up-to-date with all news around myDeveloperWorks subscribe to Bob Leah's blog (The Social Strategist) here.
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