Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Create Notes Widget to Search Lotus Connections Profiles

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Recently, I was asked how to create a Lotus Notes Widget so that as you are viewing any document and you hover over a name, email or phone number, you can automatically search for that text to learn more about the person in Lotus Connections Profiles.

  1. On the "My Widgets" plugin in the Notes sidebar, click on the pull-down
  2. Click on Configure a Widget from...
  3. Select Web Page
  4. Select Web Page by URL and enter the url: http://<your-url>/profiles/html/
  5. Select option for This web page .. (HTTP GET)
  6. Verify the page loads correctly
  7. Basic tab, give your widget a name
  8. On the Advanced tab, click checkbox next to "Configure searchFor" and the checkbox for "Require"
  9. Click Finish
  10. Back in the My Widgets sidebar, right-click on the widget you just created and select Configure a new action
  11. Change recognizer from Address to Person
  12. Change content type property to
  13. Under "Where do users see the results of this action?", change to Tab
  14. Click OK

After following these steps, you will have a widget that will recognize names in your emails and other Notes documents. You will then be able to highlight these names and view their entire profile information from Lotus Connections.

If you would like to do this but based on email addresses or phone numbers, you will need to change the URL in step 4 and choose the right option in step 12.

Once you have the widget, you can easily share it with your colleagues so they can benefit from this as well and potentially help drive adoption to your Enterprise 2.0 deployment.

Here's a quick video that shows how to do this:


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