Monday, September 13, 2010

Want to Get Rid of Email? Use Enterprise 2.0 Software!

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Were you on vacation last week? That's fine. But I wanted to bring you up to speed on something very exciting that happened last week.

One of my IBM colleagues at IBM, Luis Suarez, made it to the Mashable home page in an article called: A World Without E-mail: One Man's Vision of a Social Workplace. The article has been tweeted 2300+ times, shared on Facebook 600+ times and talked about in Google Buzz 275 times!

The key to getting rid of email? Use Enterprise 2.0 software (or social software behind the firewall). Leo Laporte also invited Luis to join him in his net@night podcast. In the podcast, Luis talks about how he uses his favorite Enterprise 2.0 platform, IBM's Connections, to get rid of email. Here's a video of the podcast. Listen in at 18:00 and at 28:00.

Very inspiring, right? I have personally been motivated by Luis and I can say that his methods do work. In fact, recently I blogged about how I was away from work for 3 weeks and I only got 53 emails! That works out to 3.5 emails per day! Isn't that amazing? Just 2.5 years ago I was getting 100+ emails a day! W00t!!

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