Monday, August 23, 2010

3 weeks away from work: Only 53 emails!

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So after 3 weeks of being away from the office, I'm back. What kept me out for so long? This beautiful baby that just arrived .

And besides this beautiful creature arriving, I was glad to open my email on Friday to find 570 unread emails! Yikes. Before starting to tackle this mountain of email, I decided to use Lotus Notes attention indicators to figure out which emails really needed my attention. Turns out, only 53 emails needed my attention, 6 were spam, and 511 were Bacn. So 53 emails over 15 works days works out to 3.5 emails per day. There's your proof that Enterprise 2.0 software significantly reduces the need for email.

Now, a lot of things happened while I was away and I wanted to do a quick re-cap:

Now I'm going to record a video of the thing Sacha and I are working on which will soon be in the Lotus Catalog as well.
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