Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lotus Connections Community Newsletter Generator Plug-In

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As you know, I was recently out of the office for my paternity leave. In my previous post I hinted as how I was working with Sacha Chua on a new project. Well, it turns out that during my paternity leave, my first TAP (IBM's Technology Adoption Program) contribution was published: the Lotus Connections Community Newsletter Generator!

Based on some code that I had already written (and it's also used in the Lotus Connections Notifications Plug-In), Sacha Chua took my code and built an amazing toolkit for Lotus Connections community owners. Part of the toolkit quickly generates a newsletter based on the community's recent activities for distribution to community members. (IBMers, see my internal blog for more details that I can't disclose right now).

I then took Sacha's code and converted it into an Eclipse plugin. Just like my other plugin, this plugin will soon be available in the Plugin Catalog.

Here's a demo so you can see how it works.

Feedback from internal users has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm glad I can provide some value.

Let me know what other features you would like to see!


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