Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My First Job Interview

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By now you are probably aware that I'm taking a new position which becomes official on IBM's paper on October 1st. Yay, just several more days! I can't wait! Can you tell how excited I am!?

So the title of this blog post may be a bit confusing. I woke up today at 3am after my 2 year old woke me up in an attempt to take him to visit his grandparents. I told him that it was way too early to visit his grandparents and try as I might, I couldn't put him to sleep. Therefore, I'm a bit tired.

Anyway, once my new position was announced, Suzanne Livingston (one of the existing Product Managers for Social Software at IBM and pictured above) interviewed me and posted the transcript in the team's blog. Thus, that was my first interview in my new job.

Luckily, Suzanne wasn't too harsh on me . I know a lot of you have been asking me what some of my new responsibilities are going to be. You'll be happy to see that that's one of the questions Suzanne asked me.

To read the transcript of the interview, go here.

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