Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lotus Connections 3.0 Available for Download

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For those of you in the U.S.A.: Happy Thanksgiving! I'm personally looking forward to eating some turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow as well as hanging out with my family.

Lotus Connections 3.0 is now ready for download which means that I'm going to take a rest for a couple of days and let you all play with it. The documentation in the new InfoCenter format is here and here's an Installation Worksheet to make sure you have everything you need before diving in.

In case you've been off the past few days, I would also encourage you to go through my blog to catch up. Additionally, the information development team has put together an awesome page with all the consolidated resources that you might need to get started with Lotus Connections: Getting Started with Lotus Connections 3.0. There you will find:

  • Getting started videos
  • Reviewer's Guide
  • Printable Reference Card for Mobile

Stuart McIntyre also shared a technical view of what's new in Connections 3.0:

Thanks to everyone who made this happen: development, support, information development, tech sales, ISSL, business partners, beta testers, and everyone else. I'll catch up on Monday when I'll be switching gears and focusing on Lotusphere.

You can download Lotus Connections 3.0 from here. Go at it!

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