Monday, November 22, 2010

Download Now: Files Connector for Lotus Connections 3.0

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One of the new capabilities in Lotus Connections 3.0 is the support for CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services). CMIS is a standard API for managing files and one of the cool things about adding this support is all the free plugins out there that already work with CMIS.

Thank to the CMIS support you can now interact with the Files capability from:

  • Android connector via this app (Added on 11/23/2010 7:30AM ET -- Thanks to Matt B for this new one!!)
  • Microsoft SharePoint via their connector
  • Firefox via this connector
  • Joomla as documented here
  • WordPress via this plugin

and many more as listed here. There's even a couple of iPhone applications that can do CMIS. I've tried them all and they don't seem to work. I get the impression that they have something hardcoded and that's why they don't work. But how cool would it be to have mobile access to your files if these iPhone developers could fix their apps?

Regardless, there's two desktop connectors (written on Adobe AIR) that I downloaded and tested and I'm happy to report that they do work very well with Lotus Connections.

In the following video I demonstrate both connectors and tell you which one is my favorite:

What did you think? Pretty cool, huh? The two connectors shown above were:

  • CMIS Explorer - Very raw, seems to be good at validating that the CMIS API works. Download here
  • CMIS Spaces - A lot prettier. Provides search, versioning, and offline support. Download here

To view the entire list of CMIS connectors, go here.


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