Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IBM's Social Platform Powers Two Forrester Groundswell Award Winners

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Remember how I told you that CEMEX was nominated for a Forrester Groundswell Award? You may have already heard, but CEMEX was selected as a winner of a Forrester Groundswell Award in the Collaboration category. The news also spread like fire on Monday as part of the Lotus Connections 3.0 launch.

CEMEX was faced with the challenge of a globally distributed workforce, multiple languages, and multiple timezones. In the video below you'll see Gilberto García, Director of Innovation at CEMEX, talk about how they started to look at their internal culture and ask the question: "How can we change the culture of our company?"

To become more agile, CEMEX created Project Shift, where not only they deployed an internal social network, but their social collaboration platform is now their intranet!


I was pretty impressed by their adoption rate:

  • They started with 2000 employees and has grown to over 17,000 users
  • 400 communities grew organically
  • In a particular community, they got over 600 community participants
  • Lotus Connections was used to drive the creation of a new product and bring it to market

I also liked his last quote: "It can make a big company feel like a small company". That's definitely my feeling as I use Lotus Connections internally every day at a company with over 400,000 employees.

In the B2B Category for Supporting, Forrester named IBM the winner for its implementation of Lotus Connections over at developerWorks. My developerWorks has calculated an ROI of over $100 M in annual savings by leveraging the Lotus Connections platform as its core for supporting over 8 million users worldwide. The site currently receives 1 million visitors / month.

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