Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Podcasts You Should Listen To

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I wanted to start the week by sharing two podcasts episodes that I think most of you would get value out of and will be a great way to start your week. I know I enjoyed listening to them.

First, is a podcast that comes from the myDeveloperWorks team. You may recall that last week I mentioned how Forrester named myDeveloperWorks as one of the Groundswell Award Winners. To that end, Josh Bernoff who is the Senior Vice President of Idea Development at Forrester, joins the podcasts hosts to explain why IBM was selected as the winner of the Groundswell Award. Josh also talks about how social technologies are changing business, how to use these technologies effectively and what it means to IT.

Last week, myDeveloperWorks also won an award for SMB Social Media Marketing from AMI Partners. So congratulations to the entire myDeveloperWorks team!

To download and subscribe to the myDeveloperWorks podcast, click here. You can listen to the podcast right here (it runs 11 minutes):

Another podcast that was recently released was This Week In Lotus Episode #26. With last week's news of the Lotus Connections 3.0 Launch, can you guess what the hosts talk about? The hosts are joined by two of the Lotus Connections Product Managers: Mac Guidera and Suzanne Livingston. They'll take you through some of the new features, how CEMEX and Bayer are using Lotus Connections, and our Social Everywhere strategy (which was incidentally validated by Gartner recently, where they predict that Social will be Everywhere by 2016).

You can listen to the podcast right here (it runs for about 1 hour):


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