Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Software Development Is Officially a Social Process

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I have talked a couple of times about socializing the social development process. For a while now, this integration has been available in technology preview mode.

At Lotusphere '11 #ls11 we announced that the integration would be ready for production by Q2 of this year. And it's coming in 7 days!

To get ready, you can watch a replay of a webcast that I announced earlier called Accelerate Software Delivery with Social Software webcast.

The integration will be available natively in Rational Team Concert 3.0.1 which will be available next week (June 14, 2011). The integration consists of:

  • Integrated activity stream within Rational Team Concert (RTC)
  • Ability to create activities directly from RTC (the activity will have a direct link back to the RTC workspace)
  • Ability to create a blog directly from RTC
  • Ability to surface the Connections business card directly within RTC
  • Search for contacts from RTC
  • Update your status and microblog directly from RTC
  • Associate an RTC project with a community for direct access to community features (forums, wikis, blogs, etc) from RTC
  • Connect RTC User Profiles to Connections Profiles
  • and more..

Here's a quick demo that shows some of the integration points:

To learn more, visit the Social page in the Rational Jazz site and check out IBM's official press release here.

If you are already an RTC 3.0 user, you can simply download the connector from here (with source code). And if you are NOT using RTC, you can also download RTC for free from here (3.0.1 Release Candidate 3)

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