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IBM's Presence at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

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I'm in the midst of packing my bags to head out to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. As I looked through the agenda, I noticed that IBM has quite a presence at this year's conference. I also notice that there are more Diamond sponsors than last year. Last year, only Microsoft and IBM were the only Diamond sponsors. Other big vendors have joined this year which continues to validate the importance of this field.

I decided to compile what IBM will be doing at the Enterprise 2.0 conference so that it's easy for you to find.

Tuesday - June 21st - 9:00am - Beyond Collaboration: The Critical Role of Analytics in a Social Business - Ballroom A - Mike Rhodin

Social networks continue to forge complex connections between people, processes, and content, facilitating collaboration and the sharing of information. Companies are already taking advantage of this but the real business value comes when you tap into the data generated by these connections. Analytics turns this data into useful information -- information that becomes business insight, enabling enterprises to take action, fueling better business decisions. Mike Rhodin will discuss the importance of analytics in a Social Business applied both inside and outside of the enterprise and how companies can avoid missing out on an enormous opportunity by not leveraging their social data.

Tuesday - June 21st - 11:30am - 12:15pm - Business Insight Means Better Business Decisions - Room 310 - Alistair Rennie

As Social Business becomes a strategic priority for more businesses, regardless of size, they are looking for the best approach to reap the business benefits. While workforce optimization, process innovation and deeper customer engagements are widely touted as popular entry points, the value lies in the quantitative outcomes. Collaboration, analytics and insight create the perfect combination to unleash the greater value and harness the energy generated by the multitude of social interactions and scores of structured and unstructured data generated daily. While the paradigm evolves from business to business down to peer to peer, simply connecting people isn't enough. True social businesses generate insights from their social data. Alistair Rennie will discuss the means to achieve better business insight with improved social listening tools, social integration with business process management, and new social business consulting services.

Tuesday - June 21st - 1:15pm - 2:15pm - Mobile: Delivering New Context and Capabilities to Applications and Collaboration - Room 313 - Maribel Lopez, David Boloker, John Cash, and JIm Worth

Mobile is more than an access method. Mobile fundamentally changes how companies access information and what data is available to companies such as location and telemetry information. This session will discuss and demonstrate how mobile enriches and expands the way we collaborate.

Tuesday - June 21st - 3:45pm - 4:30pm - UC + Social Computing = Best of Both Worlds? - Room 313 - Irwin Lazar, Chris Morace, Ted Stanton, Christian Finn, Mike Gotta

“Unified Communications,” the intersection of voice, video, messaging, and conferencing and social computing largely exists in silos. The former is largely driven by telecom managers looking to simplify services or better meet the needs of distributed workers, while the latter often evolves organically driven by individual line-of-business needs. But integrating social computing’s ability to help people locate subject matter experts, with UC’s ability to see availability in real-time represents the chocolate-meets-peanut butter moment in collaboration. During this session we’ll look at how enterprise collaboration strategies are evolving to integrate UC and social computing, and how vendors are increasingly adding real-time and social collaboration capabilities to their products.

Wednesday - June 22nd - 1:15pm - 2:15pm - How Do You Measure That? - Room 311 - Rawn Shah and Hardik Dave

It’s one of the toughest social business questions you hear: “how do you measure that?” This session will show you how to describe the progress and/or success of your social environment through different approaches to measuring social environments: activity analysis, social network analysis, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and ethnography. The advantages and weaknesses of each approach will be explained, as well as how population size, infrastructure capabilities, and the maturity of your community affect your analysis.

Wednesday - June 22nd - 1:15pm - 2:15pm - Who Leads Social Business and What Does Leadership Look Like? - Room 309 - Keri Pearlson, Claire Flanagan, Jaime Pappas and Luis Suarez

As the groundswell matures, enterprises face a complex set of social initiatives. We’ll explore the question of leadership and management in a social business by addressing these questions: Who leads the social business strategy formulation? Who leads social business day-to-day? Where in the organization is the social business competency center? What are strengths & risks when IT/HR/Mkt/Communications runs the show? And what does a social business strategy look like in a large corporation?

It's a shame that Luis Suarez (this year's Internal Evangelist of the Year as named by the Dachis Group)f and Rawn Shah both have sessions at the same time since I wanted to participate in both. I'm still not sure which one I'll go to.

I'll be at the conference meeting with analysts and customers. If you don't see me at the IBM pedestal (307), send me a tweet and we'll meet up! To get a full listing of all the sessions, go here:

Remember to follow the conference via the Twitter hashtag: #e2conf to learn about all the new announcements that will be taking place.

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