Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IBM's Luis Suarez Awarded Internal Social Software Evangelist of the Year

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For those of you who may have missed the news, last month at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, CA, IBM's Luis Suarez received the award for 2010's Internal Evangelist of the Year. I thought this was huge!!

The award is sponsored by the 2.0 Adoption Council which is part of the Dachis Group. It turns out that Luis was actually on vacation when the award was announced by Claire Flanagan. In fact, check out how Luis "accepted" his award in this photo from Alex Dunne.

For those of us who couldn't attend the conference, Claire shared the text of the speech she used to announce the winner of this year's prestigious award.

After I heard the news, I wanted to get on Luis' calendar and get his take on the award. It turns out that the This Week In Lotus podcast team beat me to it. Their December 3rd episode (Episode 29) is a must-listen as you'll hear Luis Suarez talk about social software evangelism and why it's needed. Susan Scrupski, who created the 2.0 Adoption Council, is also part of the podcast. You'll also hear my voice in parts of the podcast (you really can't tell, but I had tons of technical issues that day... Stuart McIntyre did a good job of editing that stuff out, but I digress).

I finally had a chance to "sit down" with Luis yesterday and here's what came out:

Congratulations again to Luis on this awesome award!

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